Friday Fictioneers – Untouchable


Before they went out, an agreement was proposed: to not let the passion drown logic.

They both agreed.

So they walked along the empty, quiet alleys of his kingdom; their presence and words making the connection alive. He wore a cloak, enjoying the liberty of anonymity. She carried a joyous glow, not believing it’s really him she was with. They walked in parallel lines, mocking the absence of what they wanted. The gravity grew stronger; the affection became irrepressible.

He’s been longing to feel again. So the king broke the rule; he held her hand.

And she turned into gold.

13 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Untouchable

  1. Dear Francis,

    First, welcome to Friday Fictioneers. I enjoyed this piece. You made me feel the King Midas’ pain, longing and loneliness. I look forward to reading more from you.



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