Friday Fictioneers – Fresh Start


Photo by Sean Fallon


He says yes to Leo. He doesn’t know what they’ll do for the quick bucks. But he’s desperately tired of a city that is unforgiving to illiterates.


He’s in the car with Leo, waiting for something. Or someone.


They’re driving along a dark, deserted highway. He gets the cash and a new phone. Leo’s girl has fallen asleep at the backseat.


He vomits.


He wakes up and smiles. Throwing up was enough to forget. He goes out and searches for Leo; he’s in for the long haul.


News breaks that a woman’s leg has been found on the highway.


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12 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Fresh Start

  1. Did the leg belong to Leo’s girl or someone else? Was he in for the long haul by getting rid of Leo? All in all, I’m pretty sure he’s going to come to a bad end, at least if there’s justice in the world.


    • Hi Janet, the leg belonged to Leo’s girl. The job was to get girls, steal from them and chop them up for harder identification. While he was disgusted by the process for quick bucks, he decided to commit to it in the long term. It’s his liberation from desperation; it’s his way to get back to the unforgiving city

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