Friday Fictioneers – Outsider’s Eulogy


Dear you,

I have always loved you – despite your penchant for the normal.

But that’s not me. Not to say that one is better than the other; it just means we’re different. I remember taking you to that grungy, vandalized street corner. You asked me why. I said there’s beauty and peace in chaos and contempt.

You accepted me; you loved me.

But the polarity between the assuring black and white against the vast gray expanse became overwhelming.

So you said goodbye. And I understand.

There are no heroes and villains; we’re just different.

I’m sorry and thank you,



I skipped last week’s Friday Fictioneers because

1. I’ve been too busy and more importantly,

2. A friend challenged me to write something happy, which I find very challenging.

But I’ll get back to that image.

This week, I decided to experiment on the structure once again. I hope you will indulge. Some might even debate if this is a short story or not. But isn’t it  why it’s called experimental? It goes against the canon. Nevertheless, I hope you’ll be affected by it.

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