Friday Fictioneers – Fresh Start


Photo by Sean Fallon


He says yes to Leo. He doesn’t know what they’ll do for the quick bucks. But he’s desperately tired of a city that is unforgiving to illiterates.


He’s in the car with Leo, waiting for something. Or someone.


They’re driving along a dark, deserted highway. He gets the cash and a new phone. Leo’s girl has fallen asleep at the backseat.


He vomits.


He wakes up and smiles. Throwing up was enough to forget. He goes out and searches for Leo; he’s in for the long haul.


News breaks that a woman’s leg has been found on the highway.


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Friday Fictioneers – Untouchable


Before they went out, an agreement was proposed: to not let the passion drown logic.

They both agreed.

So they walked along the empty, quiet alleys of his kingdom; their presence and words making the connection alive. He wore a cloak, enjoying the liberty of anonymity. She carried a joyous glow, not believing it’s really him she was with. They walked in parallel lines, mocking the absence of what they wanted. The gravity grew stronger; the affection became irrepressible.

He’s been longing to feel again. So the king broke the rule; he held her hand.

And she turned into gold.