Friday Fictioneers – Stuck


Photo courtesy of Sandra Crook

Sometimes, self-awareness is also self-punishing.

To know that we’re here, not moving

To know that you’re bound to one direction, and me to another

To know what you want and what you need

To know what I need and what I want

To know that I cannot consistently provide either of those

To know that you cannot consistently provide either of those

To know what you deserve

To know what I deserve

To know that we share such strong passions and emotions

And to know that we cannot be together

Sometimes, the most potent and inescapable way to punish oneself is to just be aware.


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Friday Fictioneers – Dialogue


Photo by Renee Heath


Suddenly, the lights went out. Both were quite thankful it happened. Sometimes honesty travels better through the dark.


One thinks:

We want a new beginning. But is there such a thing?

Because there’s no going back from molten passion and solidified pain.

Maybe I’ll just let the flame flicker.


The other thinks:

We yearn for a brighter glow. But is it worth it?

For when one builds a flame, somebody may get burned.

Maybe I should just keep my distance.


They say it takes around 10 minutes before the eyes completely adjust to the dark. Will it be enough for them to see each other?


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